Christian’s success

"Working with Raj is FAR better than working with any other personal or professional development professional I've ever encountered, and there have been lots. There is no issue I've presented him that he can't parse and help to process. Whether you are looking to grow as a person or expand your business Raj consistently delivers. After even one session you'll wish you'd done it sooner."

Christian Bonner
Professional Musician

Krystyna’s SUCCESS

“I was at a point in my life where I knew a change of direction was necessary, but felt stalled by certain patterns and beliefs that I was not even fully awake to.  Raj very quickly got to the heart of an underlying issue that has had a powerful effect on shaping those beliefs.  After our sessions, I had a fresh perspective, which freed me to move forward with positive changes almost immediately.”

Krystyna Price 

Allyne's SUCCESS

"During life, from time to time, you come to a turning point.  You recognize that something in your life needs to change, and feel the urge to move forward, but at the same time, you sense yourself being pulled back towards the past.   I was at such a point when I met and started working with Raj.  I had only recently emerged from a long and troubling illness.  I wanted to move forward and was tentatively beginning a new Hero’s Journey.  But, the failures of my last Hero’s Journey left me reluctant to go forward.  I was fearful of recreating the patterns of the past.

aj did a brilliant job in helping me to see what those patterns were, and even then see how I could move forward without them.   In just a few conversations, I ended my cycle with those troubling aspects of my past and moved forward with clarity and enthusiasm.  Life has been very different since those conversations. I’ve restored much of my strength and power.  I’m aware of my vulnerabilities, and intuitively know how to protect myself from them.  

There is more ease and less forced effort in my life.  I’m finding delightful new opportunities rather than stops, and each day is filled with happiness and joy as I create my new life.  I’m very grateful for the help I received from Raj.  So,  if you are at a turning point in you life, I recommend letting Raj help you navigate it safely and triumphantly."

Allyne Rosenthal
Functional Medicine Practitioner 


"My self-discovery journey was triggered in 2015 after the breakdown of an 11-year relationship. Lost and confused about what I did wrong in my life, I explored various self-discovery programs but I knew there was still something I have not addressed because I still kept regressing to a familiar place --- that is, my emotional home of anger, resentment, regrets and shame. In times of despair, we feel hopeless and disconnected from ourselves, from others and the world around us. 

I walked into self-discovery just wanting to "fix" my love life and then discovered how much my childhood trauma, something I had pushed under the rug for 16 years, had deeply affected the course of my life. I lost a big chunk of my childhood between the ages of 10 to 13 years old from bullying, gang involvement, physical abuse, molestation, rehab imprisonment and street life in the Philippines. When I moved to Canada when I was 13 years old, I figured that my past wouldn't eventually matter the more I perfected, toughened myself and pretended that I was "good" and "perfect." I made the wrong decisions year after year. I lived mindlessly, cowardly, tragically out of blinded misery. My heart became as numb and cold as ice. My tough armor finally broke in 2015 and I started picking up the shattered puzzle pieces of my life, without being aware that I was actually about to start an amazing journey --- that is, my hero's journey.

Raj appeared in my life when after doing some self-discovery programs, I would sit in front of my computer doing research, wondering what else I had missed. I lived like a robot for most of my life so I was oblivious to the world of spirituality. This is what Raj had opened my eyes to when he would talk about narratives I have heard of in the past but I never connected the significance of other stories to my own. He stretched my perspective to understand where I was in my journey. While I only saw the physicality and actuality of an event, he saw symbols, stories and meaning behind the actual events in my life and he would describe them so eloquently and beautifully so that I could see both my role in it and how it ties to the big picture of my journey. This is a practice I still do today whenever I am feeling lost and confused, I look at my hero's journey to understand the events that had happened in my life and how I can overcome obstacles and slay the dragon in my way. 

It has been almost a year since I took Raj's program, and I have moved into my own condo in downtown Toronto last year, have made amazing connections, left my 9-to-5 corporate job months later, moved to Shanghai to teach children late last year, and currently studying psychology, while developing my own self-understanding program and writing my first book on thriving from pain to raise funds to build a holistic school for disadvantaged children in my hometown. 

I am now in the stage in my Hero's Journey where I finally have the courage and wisdom to start sharing my story with those who may be stranded in the dark like I was for 20 years....May you continue your journey, find courage, wisdom and learn to accept the help from the good people you will come across, like Raj,"


Justine Cabrera



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